1)      Bunk Rooms users MUST after unlocking the Main Passage Doors, immediately unlock the Outer Steel Shutters

to the outside double Fire Escape Doors located at the end of the bunk room corridor. Please also unlock and open the steel shutters located on the outside of the Bunk Room Windows that you are using. Fasten the shutters back and lock the padlock so that it doesn’t get lost. This is a sleeping area not a playground. Adequate supervision is always therefore required.

2)      Main Building Fire Exit Doors are fitted with “panic bars” which can be locked from the outside but can still be opened from the inside. You can, therefore, lock yourselves in at night and still get out of the building in and emergency.

3)      Site Security to help site security whilst on site overnight it is recommended that that the main gates are shut but not padlocked shut just in case they need to be opened in an emergency. Please ensure that the main gate padlock is fitted to the gate chain so that it is not lost.

4)      Kitchen, Toilet and Showers should be clean on your arrival, please ensure that they are clean when you depart. Showers are electric from pre-payment slot meters, located in the toilet passage. Adequate supervision should always be used, when young persons are using the showers. The outside light and water heating for hot water to the toilet basins is controlled by the switches at high level on the male toilet wall. Hot water for the kitchen is controlled from the switch located at high level above the kitchen hand basin.

5)      Cleaning Materials can be found in the cupboard to the left of the door to the bunk rooms. There are two vacuum cleaners, one located in the cupboard under the stairs in the bunk room corridor and one in the chair store.

6)      Chairs and Tables if using chairs and tables please return al chairs and tables to the chair store ensuring that they are stacked neatly.

7)      Water The mains stopcock is in the Wadley Room The stopcock controlling water to the site water supply is located in the disabled toilet/shower room. Please ensure that this stopcock is turned off when you leave at the end of your visit.

8)      Electricity the mains switch is located at the bottom of the mains fuse board located outside the First Aid / Leaders Room

9)      Car Park. Please use the car park and only drive vehicles onto the site road to deliver and collect equipment. Return all vehicles to the car park when they are not in use, especially overnight as this is an insurance requirement. Please always observe the 5-mph site speed limit. Please note cars parked on site are parked entirely at the owners risk. 

10)  The Golf Course and private gardens around the Bears Wood Site are out of bounds. Please also note that our neighbour’s privacy must be respected. All noise and activities must cease by 22-00 hours.

11)   Camp Fire Circle and Chapel Areas. Are not to be used for activities other than they are designed for.


12)   The Grassed Area around the building is for ceremonial purposes only and is not a camping area. We take pride in our trees, building and fittings. Please do not damage them. Any damage must be reported to the Booking Secretary.

13)   Camp Fires. All fires to be on the altar fires or in half oil drums provided.

14)  Wet Pits Please use bucket drainers or the covered washing area located at the side of the main building.

15)  Space Heating of the Accommodation. Heating of the main hall a log burning stove. The log burning stove works best with the doors closed – it works better that way and is safer. Please replenish logs used from the log store located on the left of the site road. Note a Carbon Monoxide detector is fitted in the hall, should this alarm sound whilst using the log burner please evacuate the hall immediately and open all the doors to the hall.

Electric heaters for the main hall and kitchen are available via by a pre-payment slot meter situated by the First Aid Room.

Bunk Room Heating is provided by electric convector heaters by a pre-payment slot meter situated in the toilet passage. Only switch on those heaters in the bunk room that are being used during your stay. Please switch off all heaters at the end of your stay.

16) First Aid Room/ Leaders Room. This room is only to be used by your Group Leader for sleeping or as a First Aid room in the event of accident. There is an automatic Defibrillator kept in the first aid room, in the event of a suspected heart attack open the defibrillator case, switch on the defibrillator and follow the instructions and call an ambulance immediately.

17)  Waste. Note there is no refuse collection from the Site by the Local Council. All waste must therefore be disposed of when your group leaves the site. Combustible waste (paper and cardboard) may be burnt in the burn pit which is located half up the track, do not burn glass bottles, tin cans etc., or plastic containers/ bags, these items are to be removed from site and disposed of at recycling centres. All food waste must also be removed from site and disposed of at recycling centres. Please Note that you may be charged if waste materials and food are note removed from the site.

18)  If you use any site equipment or over stock your wood pile borrow a log as a seat, etc., return it to its original home before you leave. Remember leave nothing but your thanks – we should not know you have been at Bears Wood.

19)  Police. If you have needed to contact the police for help for any reason, please fill in a and sign a statement and or obtain a crime number, note a C.A.D. number and forward details all correspondence to Bears Wood e-mail address or to the Booking Secretary’s address. There is CCTV imaging of the carpark and entrance, please Note CCTV recordings are only available for seven days.

20)  Accidents. All accidents that require hospital/ doctor’s treatment MUST be reported GSL/Person in Charge and immediately copied to the Booking Secretary.

Finally. When leaving the site at the end of your visit shut and lock all the steel shutters to the bunk room windows and emergency exit door. Switch off all electrical appliances Fridges, freezers and ensure doors and lids are left open to prevent mould growth. Switch off all lights and heaters. Lock the outside doors to the building. Lock main site gate and return the keys in