1.       You will be by one of our Warden at Bears wood

2.              Please use the car park and only drive vehicles onto the site road to deliver and collect equipment.                Return vehicles to the car park when they are not in use.

3.            Please observe the 5mph speed limit.

4.                The golf course and the private gardens around the site are out of bounds. Please also note that our               neighbors' privacy must be respected and all noise and activity must  cease by 22.00 hours.

5.              The toilets and showers should be clean on your arrival, please ensure they are clean when you depart.          The outside light and water heating for hot water for the basins is controlled by the switches at high            level to the right of the toilet door.

       Cleaning materials can be found in the cupboard to the left of the door to the bunk rooms. 

       The showers - please see that they are used under supervision. The pre-payment meters are in the                corridor and use one pound coins.

5.             The camp fire circle and chapel areas are not be used for activities other than those they were designed         for.

6.     No wet pits - please use bucket drainers. It is almost impossible to dig in our ground anyway.

            7.       All fires to be on the altar fires provided or in the half oil drums.

          8.    The grassed area around the hut is for ceremonial purposes and is not a camping area.

            9.          All waste must either be burnt, we have a burn pit located half way up the main track, or taken with                       you 

10.    We take a pride in our trees, building and fittings. Please do not damage them: Any damage must be            reported to the Walden

11.     If you use any site equipment or over stock your wood pile, borrow a log as a seat etc., please return it         to it's original home when you leave. Remember leave nothing but your thanks - we should not know         that you have ever been there.